For this weeks Home Dining Experience we have our Mexican Street Food Box. Mexican gastronomic culture and flavor are wonderful and so we have some interesting bits of information about Mexican Food for you.

Mexican cuisine is complex and unique.  This is the result of fusion between Spanish flavors and prehispanic ingredients with colors that makes every dish a masterpiece.

There is a huge amount of traditional and “Mexican flavored” dishes, from tacos to a Chile there is a wide diversity of ingredients, techniques, flavors, and colors.

Traditional Mexican cuisine has been considered a Cultural World Heritage since 2010 and importance was declared by the UNESCO.

As human beings, we are able to differentiate flavors by using our taste buds. Every time we listen to the main five. However, the sixth one has recently been discovered and is well known as umami; from Japanese and means delicious. This is a flavor that everyone notices in its own way and it is impossible not to find it as a protagonist within the authentically Mexican dishes, which mixture of flavors is unique.

The Mexican Street Food Home Dining Experience is available for order this week, Fri 22nd jan. Just email