Christmas Cocktails

Pink ones, blue ones, sparkly ones – Cocktails – the Queen of party drinks (with Champagne being the King), which reminds us you really ought to try the Tipsy Pigs ultimate Champagne Cocktail (more on that later). You really can’t plan a proper celebration without the enticing vision of a Cocktail in hand. And with Christmas just round the corner Cocktails are the on-trend party drink that will bring oodles of Christmas Sparkliness.

Have you ever wondered why this magical beverage is called a Cocktail? The origins of the word are open to debate and there is speculation on its roots, but the one that the Tipsy Pigs likes best is its relation to a horse! During the early 17th century, an animal, particularly a horse, with a docked tail, was said to have a “cock tail.” By the 19th Century thoroughbred horses did not have a docked tail, so any horse that did stood out and was said to have a ‘cock tail’. Racing and drinking kind of go together like sleep and dreaming so it is not so hard to believe that the word Cocktail evolved into the name given to an ‘adulterated’ alcoholic beverage. And of course, Cocktails are adulterated in the best possible way!

Have you ever noticed that you when you drink a Cocktail you never feel that drunken sleepiness that you get with wine or too much beer? No, Cocktails bring you alive and high on life! That’s because of all the sumptuous ingredients, which give Cocktails their magic. Whether it’s silky, smooth cream providing a velvety texture, rich coffee giving a sophisticated air or pure fruit juices giving an extra dose of Vitamin C and a long refreshing vibe to your beverage.

Tipsy Pigs are the Masters of the Cocktail, all served from our recently refurbished vintage VW Campervan mobile bar, called Tipsy. She’s a cocktail bar with a difference and will complement all events from vintage boho weddings in a field to a corporate Christmas office parties. With years of experience in both creating (and drinking…) Cocktails, the Tipsy Pigs know how to create a Christmas Cracker of a Cocktail and bring a great party to life.

As you arrange your extraordinary Christmas party picture the most magnificent of Christmas Cocktails welcoming your guests. Cocktail lists can be a minefield of choice, so the Tipsy Pigs have created the Tipsy Six, a selection of our favourite cocktails, all served in Jam Jars that will make your office Christmas party a sophisticated vibe that is essential when welcoming your guests and ensuring the night is one you definitely won’t forget – and for all the right reasons!